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Luan:(Moon) The Changing Moon

The thirteen moons of the year are each representative of various traits and honors afforded to aspects of the Earth and the Gods and Goddesses interaction with humanity.
Each moon has qualities that serve as guidelines for the rituals and celebrations of those who follow Celt spirituality.
Lunar energies are highest at the full moon, and the Celts used the cycles in their lives to build and release energies for the fulfillment of their lives.

Wolf Moon:
Unity, purity, and dormancy.

The first full moon after the Yule is called the Wolf Moon. It is a time of self responsibility and self honesty.
Celt lore says that if you stare into the face of the wolf moon you will see the face of your lover.

Storm Moon
Duality and polarity.
The storm moon is a time of duality, of stirring energy and change, which can be both positive and negative.
Chaste Moon
Trinity of the Goddess'
Virtuous words and actions, along with purity of thought and deed are the watchwords of the Chaste Moon.
The trinity is a reminder that all fragments of life combine to create the whole, and that each of us are a part of the entirety.
Seed Moon
Earth, air, fire and water
The four elements are represented by the fourth moon, which is known as the seed moon.
The seed moon represents also a time to plant seeds in life as well as in the earth.
The seed is a combined energy, holding those of rebirth, life and death.
The Celts held a reverence for the planting cycles, basing them on the moon phases, planting root crops during the night and above ground crops during the day.

Hare Moon
Seat of Power
The fifth moon, the hare, is a time of learning and self control over our physical selves.
The root of the word hare, is hara, meaning the root of power.

Dyad Moon
Time, gifts.
The Dyad moon is half way across the year.and shows at the point wherethe energies of light and dark meet.
During the Dyad moon, tradition says that the Goddess grants a gift to her children, dependent upon your works in the last year.
Symbolizing time, the Dyad moon is representative of time, space and walking other dimensions such as the Tir Na N'Og, the land of the gods
The moon represents as well the strengthening force of the two, mortal human joined with the Gods and Goddesses.

Mead Moon
Lunar fertility, dreams and ethereal links
The Mead Moon is traditionally a time of vivid dreams,
There is great joy and love across the land at this point in time.
Mead, the first fermented beverage is considered to have medicinal and ethereal properties, and is the name of the drink that was taken by the old gods and goddesses.

Wort Moon.
The Wheel of the Year
The eight great days are what are represented by the eighth moon of the year.
The ancients predicted the seasonal cycles of the year by checking the signs of growth and harvets and the movement of the stars.
The wort is a plant that is used to make beer, which the Celts made only during the summer months because of the warm temperature that was needed for the manufacture.

Barley MoonWisdom and Knowledge
The Barley moon is a night filled with magick, healing and the learning of wisdoms.
Barley was the first grain to be cultivated for the use of humans, and was a staple food for the Celts.
It was commonly used in Celtic rites and rituals, and was honored by its own Goddess, the Barley Mother, who weds death, and then renews herself.

Wine Moon
The wine moon, a time of the gift of prophecy, which is the ability to merge with spirit, and to read patterns in life.
Prophecy is sometimes make under divine influence, nd drinking was one way the Celts let go enough of everyday life to connect with the Gods and Goddesses.
Wine was also used as a medicine by the Celts, since the body absorbs herbs more rapidly when they are dissolved in alcohol.

Blood Moon
Maternity and fertility
The ancestral moon, in honor of the maternal qualities exemplified by the goddess are representated by the Blood Moon
The Celt ancients believed that the blood ws the spirit, the life itself.
The blood, interestingly enough mirrors the saline content of the oceans of the Earth.

Snow Moon Divinity, royalty, or royal purpose
The snow moon is the time of divine purpose and the sovereignty of the lands.
It is a time for developing the inner awareness and the divinity which lives within us all.
The Snow moon symbolizes the potential in each of our lives.

Oak Moon
Lunar cycles, rebirth, tramsmigrations
The Oak moon is the embodiment of the creative process of birth, regeneration, rebirth.
Oak is the all heal, the symbol of strength and endurance, and the acorns served as a staple part of the diet of the Celts.
Oak was the first tree created, from which humanity was born.
The Yule Log is still taken from the sacred Oak.