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Celtic Pantheon

Listed below are a number of those deities which comprise the Celtic Pantheon. Many more are associated with the various aspects of the Earth and Skies, among them Roman, Greek, Egyptian, as well as others, which will be added as time permits.

Earth and sun Goddess of the Summer Solstic. Sorceress and Queen of the Fey, she is associated with the red mare, and wild geese.

Goddess of fertility, war, and death, she is associated with sacred groves.

Death, war, and the ancestral God who was king of Annwn, the underworld, he is associated with magical animals, water springs, shapeshifting and the cauldron

The stellar and lunar Goddess of time, and of space, she is also that of higher learning, love and wisdom. Keeper of the silver wheel, she is also associated with the crescent moon, and reincarnation.

The bear Goddess, representative of strength, fertility, and protection.

Goddess of war, inspiration, fury, she is also called the battle Raven

Irish Goddess of Earth, associated with the sacred lands

God of fire, healing, music and truth, he is associated with the golden harp, a golden spear, and the sun

Goddess of healing, laughter, and the sacred forests, she is associated with the suns warmth, woodland animals and the forests.

God of music and prophecy, protector of bards and poets, he is associated with singing, the harp, and the head

Welsh Goddess of love, whose name means white raven, she is associated with the white crow.

Goddess of the sacred fires, the sun, hearth, and home, she is the bride goddess of poetry, inspiration, medicine, healing, and health. She is associated with the firepot, the spindle and distaff

God of war, he carries a long sword, and the head of his enemies. Associations are clouds, and storms

Goddess of the wells, and the earths womb, she is associated with childbirth, the healing spring, and sacred wells, as well as renewal.

Master maker of swords, he is associated with swords, smiths, metalworking and crafting. He carries a bronze sword

God of earth; "good god"; God of life, death, wisdom,prosperity, abundance and feasting, he is a simple god who dresses in a plain cape and leather boots.

A descendant of Nemed, a shapeshifter, Danu, or ANU, is the mother goddess of the Tuatha De Dannan, who is associated with wisdom, self control, and control of all life. Associations are the staff of life, abundance and prosperity. Cassiopeia, the constellation, honors the Goddess with its name, Llys Don, or Danu's home

God of medicine; he once saved Ireland; married to Morrigan; among their children are Etan, who marries Ogma, and Cian, who marries Ethniu, daughter of Balor, the Fomor.

God of tricks and pranks, he is known for his manliness and love of mischief.

Mother of the warrior, and Goddess of Ireland, leadership, and war

Goddess of beauty, grace, and one of the white ladies of the fey, her associations are apple blossoms, and the white mare

Shapeshifting Earth goddess she is associated with mares and fertilization

Goddess of Ireland, she is also the Queen of the Tuatha De Dannan, associated with shapeshifting, the power of the land, and creation.

God of the woodlands, whose associations are hunting, the sword, the bow and arrow

God of the beech tree

Goddess of the Otherworld, beauty, grace and love are her attributes

Very ancient Goddess of the woodland areas, she is protectoress of animals and forests. Associated with springs, green grass, and the doe

GABBAThe Dark Queen, or the Crone aspect of the Dark Mother, she is associated with the Oak Moon, and the Celtic endless weave

Divine blacksmith, and god of magic, he is associated with smiths, forges, metal and tools, as well as the fire that transforms

God of love, music and the son of Goddess Mei. Called the Falcon of May, he is associated with fields, hunting, and the raptor

Prince of the powers of air, and the great wizard, he is the God of art, eloquence, kindness and magic, he is associated with harps, healing, and magic.

God of the Otherworld, the death chase and the wild hunt, he travels with Domarth, a white hound.

Fire God of the setting sun, protector of the souls of the dead, he is associated with a flute, that gives peace to all who hear it, and with the setting sun

Lord of the animals, God of life, death, wealth and knowledge, he is also the all father. Associations are the stag, the bull, horned animals, three cranes, a magical serpent belt and a bag of flowing coins

The Ninefold Goddess, the all mother, Goddess of knowledge, wisdom, inspiration, she is associated with the cauldron of creation

Goddess of midsummer harvest, she is associated with swans and apples

The Celtic Poseidon, he is a shy sea God, who is part man, part fish, as well as a shapeshifter, and God of music. Associated with sea animals, shells, sea gulls, serpents, coral, pearls, silver, and coral.

Champion of the Tuatha De Dannan, Lugh is also the Sun God, master of all of the arts. He is a powerful sorceror, who is known for his prowess with weapons, as well as skills in the arts of poetry, bardic knowledge, and war. Associated with setting suns, the turtle, coins, and a magic sword.

Divine Son, God of love, magic, sex, youthfullness and tricks, as well as magick, prophecy and power. His associations are the boar, mineral springs, and the lyre

Irish Queen, and the threefold sun Goddess, of fertility, war and ritual games.

Master of shapeshifting, teacher, God of magic, the seas and travel, he is consort to Rhiannon, and associated with a magic spear, a mantle of invisibility, feasting and the faery mounds of Ireland. He gave to King Cormac a cup of gold that broke when he was told lies, and restored itself when the truth was heard.

Welsh God of magic, wisdom, enchantment, sorcery, he was teacher and uncle to GWYDION, and a master druid and teacher

Warrior Queen, Goddess of Tara, associated with a magic spear and shield, carries animals and birds on her shoulder as she roams across the lands

Goddess of magic, fertility, death, sexuality, shapeshifting, she is also called the death mother, and was associated with the isles of Avalon. Associated with sea shells, cypress trees, the shoreline, ravens and crows

Powerful sea Goddess of wisdom and beauty, who is associated with ocean vegetation, manta rays, sand dollars, whales, and the rod of command

Nature and god of the woodlands, God of Earth, sun, laughter and merriment, he is also a sky god of magic. Associations are stones, caves, crystals, herbs, minerals and pure water, as well as the Castle of Glass and a magic flute.

Protectoress of the Drynemeton, warrior Goddess of the oaks, and patroness of sacred springs, she is associated with the ram, sacred forests, and carries a spear made of ash, with a silver tip

Sister to Macha, the Goddess of War, whose name means, Venomous, she is associated with the crow or serpent

Teacher as well as student of Merlin, she is also his consort. ALady of the Lake, maker and keeper of Excalibur, Earth and water Goddess, she is associated with swans, swallows, quartz and crystal, caves, and carries a bright silver sword.

God of space, stars, ethereal things and the sciences of astrology and astronomy, he is consort to Arianrhod

Consort to Fea, War GOddess, he is God of thunder, kingship, rebirth, war and wealth, who carried one of the Tuatha De Dannan's four treasures. Associations are thunderstorms and lightening

Inventor of the Ogham writing, he is a handsome God of civilization, knowledge, and sexuality, who carries a stick written over with runes

King of the Otherworld, a pack of hounds are his association

Queen Mother, or Queen Mare, she was originally called Rigatona, the Goddess of knowledge, strength, associated with apples, mares and birds.

Deer Goddess, associated with forests, the doe and fawn, she is one of the most ancient of the Celt Goddesses.

Goddess of Solar and Astral plance, she is associated with the stars, celestial skies, space, and the practice of skywalking

Poet, prophet, bard, Hands of the Gods, music and magic are his associations, as well as metamorphosis, transmigration, the quill, and the harp.

God of Thunder, associated with storms, the seasons and the eight spoked wheel

Sea God of great magic, associated with the albatross, moonbeams, folcking gulls

Triple Goddess, Healing, knowledge, mental arts, nature, life and death, as well as higher love, wisdom and the arts, are her associations, the silver moon and plant life her symbols

Consort to Merlin, Mother goddess of life, birth, mothers, childbirth, children, she is associated with the rose