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Wintergrove Covenant Membership

Wintergrove, as an eclectic covenant, is open to new prospects, both in membership, and as study partners or teachers.
We welcome questions about our path, as well as those who wish to explore with us the various paths of faith, through interaction and study groups.
If you are a serious student, who has something to offer, or desires to be a part of our coven or study, please read our Articles of Faith.

If you decide that you would like more information, to be included in the newsletter, which contains information, news, events, recipes and childrens crafts, please drop us a note using the form below.

Thank you for your interest.
Brightest Blessings.

Your Name, mundane or practice

Your Email

How long have you practiced?

Briefly explain why you are interested in Wintergrove?

What are you feelings on other faiths and paths?
Do you consider the solitary to be a valid practitioner.

What path of paganism is your own?
Celtic Wicca
Eclectic Paganism
Eclectic Wicca

If other, please explain

For what are you applying?