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Fisneachd;(Prophecy or Omens) Divinination Techniques


Dryamancy Wands

Ancient method of using divining rods to predict the future, or events.
The ideal behind the action, is that in every tree lives a tree spirit, or a dryad.
Druidism supports the theory that the tree dryads came before the first rays of light had touched the earth, and therefore without them, the earth could not survive.
Seven divining rods are used, made from various types of wood.
Three rods are made nine inches long, three are made 13 inches long, and one, is made in any length you desire.
That wand is marked.
Many use their altar wand as the seventh wand.
The wands are then decorated, and charged to your own personality, and wrapped together in a cloth, ideally of natural materials, to be kept when not in use..

Divining rods are used thusly:
Lay the special wand on the earth in front of you, with the other six wands held in your right hand, about three feet above the one placed on the ground.
Close your eyes, thinking of the question or concept at hand.
Allow the wish or question to fill your mind, to the exclusion of all else.
Take your left hand, and take hold of the end of one wand, permitting the others to fall to the ground.
They are read as follows.
A. If more long wands fall, the answer to the question is yes, or the wish you desire is going to happen.
B. If more short wands fall, the answer is no.
C. the reply is more fervent if the special wand touches any of the others.
D. If all of the wands point to the special wand, your own actions will influence the wish.
E. If even one wand does not touch the earth in any way, the wands require to be recast.

Typical woods that may be used are:

Alder, which represents purification by fire.
Ash, representing justice
Laurel Representative of honor.
Oak, the representative of fertility, love, and endurance.
Pine, representing birth and rebirth.
Rowan, sorcerers wood, which enhances enchantment.
WIllow, drawing its strength and energy from water.


feather augury is the branch of druidism that has to do with divining the future by the signs left behind by birds or fowl.
The idea is simple and simply accomplished.
Feathers you find will point to factors which will influence your life and future.

Feather colors and meanings:

Green: Growth, new prosperity.
RED: Good luck, new opportunity
Blue: Love, friendship, a gift
Orange: Newfound happiness, healing
Brown: Good health,
Gray: Peace and contentment
White: Purity, joy, new birth
Black: Bad fortune,
Blue and white: a new love, or new friendship
Yellow and green: Lies and gossip affect you
Speckled, or spotted: Divine guidance from the Gods
Black and white: a warning, take care

History of The Runes

The Runes were a form of ancient writing, widely used for many thousands of years.
There is much mystery surrounding the use of the runes, as well as their origin. According to legend, the word "Rune" means a whispered secret. It is from ancient Norse culture that the runes originate, and in fact were the very heart of life for those peoples.

After many centuries of disuse, and being confined to some dark recess, the runes are reemerging as a gift from our forebears, to be used to impart wisdoms of the ancients.

As Christianity spread, erection of the runestones eventually died The church made it the business of the moment to outlaw the use of runes, and to destroy all evidence of them. This total eradication of a culture was achieved by the insidious overtaking and usurping of its tenets

Churches were placed strategically on the holy or sacred sites Existing pagan festivals were taken as the churches own.
Ystre(Easter) and Saturnalia(Christmas) were summarily borrowed for the Christians own use The early Christians engaged upon a conscious and stubborn campaign to wipe out loyalty to any God but their own deity There would be no celebrations, no festivals, no worship of any kind, unless it was sanctioned by, and for, the Christian church The Christian church was, in the main, albeit after many years, extremely effective in eradicating cultures (witness our own native american cultures)

While the church eradicated the use of the runes themselves, it did not manage to control use of the actual runic symbols In medieval times, the people responded to the churches intransigence by incorporating the runes into the timbers of their homes in obvious runic configurations, so that they were effectively empowered by the runes, even given the churches forbidding laws. Today there are still many homes in Europe in which runic designs are visible

The problem with any culture being passed down via "word of mouth" is that when the culture fragments, as is inevitable in such society,
the history of that culture is fragmented as well Owing to a lack of historical materials regarding the use of the runes there is much confusion as to how they were a part of everyday life.

It is assumed they were used for magical purposes, or as talismans. It is very difficult to tell from the slim documentations left to this age,why the Norse and Saxon peoples believed so fervently in the powers of the rune as a talisman, although it is known they were also used for mundane writings, as any other alphabet, they were ascribed as well a magical presence The simple truth is that much of the history, and associated myth was taken away by a too fervent Christian church in its effort to kill a culture. We do know that they were in common use across all of Northern Europe,from the Bronze age until the middle of the seventeenth century. The extent and scope of use is lost to antiquity .

We know, that after the Norman, Kelts,& Saxons were joined with the Germanic tribes, the runes affected not only the warrior culture, but the morals, artistry, poetry and literary works as well.
Some of these works have survived until today. The belief in the magickal, spiritual power of the runes to bring goodness to everyday life is the stone upon which the artistic culture was built



The runes, above all else are steeped in natural forces, and symbolize the power which is shown by the elements of nature,the earths forces, the wind, ice, rain, and the sun for instance. To try to understand them by adopting a reasoning, intellectual approach, therefore, is fruitless, and will bring bewilderment rather than enlightenment and knowledge.
The runes are derived from natural forces,which can be seen everywhere that the eyes of one who wishes to see will look. It is apparent in the shape of a stream or creek as it flows through a woodland,in the forked branches of the trees, and the shape of the stones on the path.
The forces of nature speak to us directly, if we will but open our mind and listen. The knowledge they give is all around us, so long as we see with our inner self, with the inner sight, and not with the eyes alone.
The runes do not and will not impart amazing magickal powers, do not give unearthly success, nor great material gain to the holder, nor will they give wealth or political powers. They are as pragmatic as nature itself, grounded firmly in the natural world. To this day, our language bears witness to the underlying philosophy of the runes, by a number of little sayings, such as, "What goes around comes around" and "nothing comes for free"
The peoples who used the runes, Celtics, Normans, Saxons, Germanics, all were grounded firmly in the earths ways, knew that there is always a price to be paid for any gain, and that all of life is a circle. Because of this they took a less demanding approach to life than does modern mankind today


To the Top

Before you begin to use the runes, it is important to get in touch with the energies they represent.
Our ancestors viewed the world in a holistic way witnessed by the adage"As above, so below".
It is such a sad commentary on our world today that such an approach is met with disbelief and derision, that the practioners of paganism are so widely discriminated against in a modern world which protects religious freedoms.
The established churches have aided in the erosion of this concept as they perhaps have too much to lose if an individual can actually communicate well with their God without being involved in an organized religion and offering tithe to the officials who manage that organization.
Anyone considering using the runes needs to aproach them from this holistic point of view and to meditate and understand the flow of energies through the universe.
Without this basic understanding,at best the runes are little more than a neat trick, at worst, can be dangerous.


Time.. that time which is measured by the turning of the hands of a clock is but one concept of time.
Murray Hope says, in his book entitled The Ultimate Energy "The non-linear time that exists beyond the confines of our own little corner of the universe, I refer to as outer time. Outer time, not subject to the physical, also embraces timelessness and those subtle dimensions that are not concerned with the worlds of matter."
Further he explains"Once we have done so, vast energy fields the nature and breadth and depth of which we have not dreamed will be available for our use"
In his book, The Runes, Horik Svenson states"It seems quite clear that we do have the capacity to move into this timeless, energy filled world,and to move beyond the everyday normal perception of time. Svenson further says"If we think of time as a ball, and cut a cross section of it.. all of time past, present, and future will be visible.
This view gets to the heart of what is needed. It allows us to view time in terms of quality, rather than movement of hands. In other words, the cross section of time we cut out would have its own special qualities, dependent not upon the hour of the day, but upon the universal energies running through that section
I feel that the energies and the time meld in that cross section.. Time: past, present, and future are available for us to walk through, with all the given energies to utilize.
The runes simply reflect those energies, and the rune caster, the agent ,through which the energy is visible.
The runes, from first tradition have been made of natural materials.(wood, leather, silver,)
Each one contains a series of meanings, and the runecast will create a logical connection between each meaning,even where the conscious mind sees none
The runic symbols talk to the mind through universal energies, in a way that words cannot do. All of life contains an essence, a spirit whereby it lives. In each blade of grass and each rock is a form of life to celebrate.
The powers of the runes lies in their very "earthiness" the connection to all thing natural.


The main source of information left us regarding the runes today is a poem
Anglo-Saxon in origin, which was translated by monks from the Old English into Latin
It appears this translation was not without bias, in that many Christian
references appear in the translation, yet despite this the meaning was still essentially clear. As you handle each rune, concentrate your energies on the meaning of it.. concentrate your thoughts on the old Gods and teachings, on nature and the spirit force, making it reveal its own meaning and the ancient ways which will bring wisdom.


The meanings, in essence are as follows, yet be cautioned.The meanings here are not all inclusive, nor definitive. Allow them, rather, to be a guide to you, as you begin. As you work with the runes over a time, you will learn your own understanding of them, and feel what each means
The meanings here should serve as a catapault for your own intuition and imagination.Too often we are bogged down by words, which reduce our feelings,block true understanding.
Allow yourself to grow, and to develop your own understanding, your own perception of what each means. Permit yourself to be guided by the gods of yesterday Feoh (cattle) symbolizes vitality and power, strength in finance and personal wealth. It is good for any undertaking or for moving a situation onward and upward.
It implies wealth and success can be obtained through hard work.

FEOH reversed signifies loss, restriction and being overcome
by the odds, also applying to matters of the heart.
This always has a negative overtone but its effects may be mediated by surrounding positive runes.

Ur (auroch) is the wild bison that roamed the country in ancient Europe.
It represents the wild and martial side. Ur always signifies dramatic change,
some situation that need be met without flinching.
It implies that a challenge lies ahead. Meeting and shouldering new responsibilities. A time of testing but one that can prove productive.

UR reversed signifies that you will go through a major change which is not for the better.
In any case protents are not good. it indicates that the will or
drive to deal with a present situation is lacking.

Th (Thorn) At first look the word thorn seems to mean sharp and painful. Equally it can be regarded as a protective shield, or a warning.
The exact meaning of Thorn relies heavily on the surrounding runes. THe symbol of this rune resembles a hammer. In ancient mythology, the god THOR carried a hammer called Molinir, to invoke his protective powers.It can denote great strength and good luck, or great danger and care.. It may denote that you have become overconfident and are riding for a fall.. Thorn may mean that it is a time of testing.

TH REVERSED indicates a difficult time and the unlikliness that the questioner will be able to make good. It shows that luck and drive have evaded you. The continued lack of dynamic will allows matters to drift out of your control.

ANSUR (mouth) The Norse and Kelts had a strong tradition of passing all acquired knowledge along via word of mouth, or through storytellers. All of their wisdoms were passedfrom generation to generation in this fashion, and as a result, the oral traditions are very strong. This rune shows when a change is about to accur. It can be regarded as inspirational, implying a state of reception, rather than actual speech, and often appears when there will be a test or interview of some sort. It implies that it will be handleed well. This rune is also associated with apprecticeship, and the learning process. If you are involved in the learning process you will do well. The essence of this rune is advice and deliberation. The best course of action when this rune shows will never be the hasty one, which will create further difficulties. It is closely allied to the planet Mercury, and may signify travel, or a journey of some sort.

ANSUR reversed indicates bad advice being given, and that one should not listen too closely to it. You must be careful not to become so involved that you are unable to make clear decisions. Be objective and be very cautious.

RAD (cartwheel) ...The meanings of runes are never simple or one dimensional, and so much is true of rad as well. The rune is also connected with Mercury, and is associated with communication and travel. The travel might be actual travel, physical travel, or it may mean that you are ready to embark on inner travels which will prove to be very productive and enlightening to you. Rad embodies the need to move immediately on a situation. It signifies the time to leave behind indecisiveness and make a decision. It may also show important business or career moves on the horizon. and can mean you will receive unexpected messages.

RAD reversed shows obstacles and delays associated with any endeavor. It speaks of delays and hindrances involved in the travel, or that it will arise at a very ackward time, leaving the home unprotected . It may also mean that a person will arrive in yoiur home who might be a considerable amount of trouble


KEN (Torch) The meaning of this rune is gifts. Ken is associated with the planet Mars, and the spring equinox.New life was traditionally celebrated at this time by the ancients It is therefore also a symbol of fertility, and can mean the arrival of a child.
Ken is a masculine rune, relating to the dominant person in a situation.It can mean they will offer a gift. Ifthe person questioning is the dominant person it tells whether or not they will accept the gift. The runes around Ken will give the motivation of the gift, and whether or not it isa good idea to accept it.
Ken has inner meanings as well, concerning the acquiring of knowledge. In old Scotland the word "ken" meant "to know" The rune still holds this meaning, and the shape of it, torchlike, denotes spiritual enlightenment. It may mean you will be required to light a path for someone.

KEN reversed: signifies loss: of business, of relationship, of hopes . These may be temporary, or permanent, depending upon the surrounding runes.

GEOFU (the GIFT)Geofu is associated with VENUS, or love. in general it is always a benevolent rune, indicative of a state of peace with the world, or inner happiness.
However geofu may also be a form of warning, telling that each gift, whether of money or love or business, requires payment, that one must give back, if not in this life, then in the next. There is always a price to pay that one may ignore only at their own peril.

GEOFU is essentially the same reversed

WYNN (Joy) The idea of happiness taken from the ability to flex and flow with the tides is the idea behind this rune
This rune implies that joy and fulfilment will be received through hard work . The events probably have been worked on for a time, and a successful conclusion is at hand. This Rune is allied with Saturn. IT denotes the mountaintop has been reached and new challenges and vistas are opening for you.

WYNN reversed: Implies that the challenges will not be met or beaten. The others involved may not be committed as fuly as you to the task, or, in fact your own commitment is in question. you may not have the right attitude to deal with matters at hand. Great caution is advised.

(hail) Hagall always implies limitation, and in some cases means that there is someone, or something beyond your control creating obstacles to the desired goals.
Hagall shows the road ahead will not be simple or easy, and that many occurrences will pass before you reach your destination.
Hail storms are usually short and very intense,and It may show an illness or injury, or a time of testing that you must meet and conquer.
Consider that not all delays are unfortunate. Some prevent us from making costly and damaging mistakes, and it may be that hagalls's influence will have saved you from disaster.
Hagalls meaning in reverse does not change.

NIED (necessity) This rune, on a material level means restriction.It implies that you will be faced with a situation which is unchangeable by headstrong or rash action.
When seen with regard to romantic questions, nied implies a distance between people which must be over come.
Nied tells of spiritual growth through great hardship, and tells that inner strength must be built , not on resistance to life, but on acceptance of life

NIED nied is difficult to judge as being reversed, however if it is so, it means that the attitude of the person has been flippant and thoughtless. Heedless of life and the wisdoms. They now must pay the dues for such thinking.
The person needs to change his or her approach to life and duty, or the consequences will be dire

IS (ice) This rune is not nearly as forbidding as it seems at first glance.
Ice may be very dangerous, or in fact protective. Hence the old saying to "put on ice" or to save for another day.
Is counsels caution. It means that to continue in the present course will cause great difficulty, and advises that we freeze all plans and stop for thought and deliberation.
It is always to be taken as a serious warning. In affairs of the heart it does not look well for the future. Ice has struck at the heart of the relationship, and there is little chance that matters will work out for the best.
The advice of this rune is to put plans on hold, and wait for a change in the situation.Eventually there will be one, and life will revert to normal
In reverse Is does not change in appearance, nor does it's meaning change.

JARA (harvest, the wheel ) Jara is a neutral rune n some ways, falling the same forward or reversed, yet has serious connotations. The surrounding runes will always tell ofthe outcome.
The word harvest can mean positive, as in to reap rewards, yet also may have very significant negative outcome. The rewards of our actions are not always pleasant.
The sentence given to a lawbreaker is in essense a reward as well. The appearance of jara means a time of reckoning, that life has gone full cycle and now it is time to reap what we have sown, for good or for ill
Jara also may mean disturbing forces at work in an event or life.It is an indication of inner turmoil, of opposing emotions tearing at one, This turmoil will soon come to conclusion, and may bring peace, yet some degree of loss is also involved

Yr (Yew) Yew wasthe wood that was most important to the ancient peoples. It provided protection and food, in the form of the bow, and held much mysticism as a symbol of death and rebirth. It still grows in many ancient churchyards
Yr, appearing in a cast, is usually a positive sign. It shows that you are within striking distance of your goal, and will steady perseverance will achieve it soon.
On the more magical level it shows the inner ability to place yourself within strong and safe territory.
The Yew tree, is highly strong and very flexible. In ancient lore, it existed to direct souls to the other side after death, showing its multifaceted nature..
Pay careful heed to the surrounding runes to note possible delays or dangers and how to avoid problems

It also shows no difference which way it falls, looking the same upright or reversed.


PEORTH (The question) The appearance of Peorth in a cast signifies something unresolved in a persons life. Something hidden away that will soon surface
It may represent a secret, or something they feel sensitive about. This can also be a hint to the reader. It may mean that the person is not being completely honest about the question, and is really asking something else.
It may show that a romance they were concerned about will be resolved to their advantage, and their shock, or that there is an unexpected inheritance.
It may also have associations with gambling, and mean that it is a good time to take on some financial venture

PEORTH reversed indicates the secret revealed will be not so pleasant for the person involved. If they have a dark secret, it indicates that it will be revealed to the world at large.
It may also indicate that someone with whom they are involved is not to be trusted, and that the evidence for this will soon appear.

EOLH (Protection) Eolh is a protective charm, and whenever it appears in a cast, the message is very optimistic.
The name has been taken to mean a reference to elk, or amber.
Eolh shows that the person is shileded from danger or difficulty during the time span to which their question applies. It shows also that a new influence may appear in their life, in the form of a new career, or a new love.
It may even reveal a forthcoming marriage. It is not likely that the appearance of this will be by conscious effort, but rather, by inner self.

EOLH reversed : Signifies the person is being, or is about to be, fooled, or made a fool of. those around you, whether in business or personal relationships do not have your best interests at heart
You need take great caution to assure that you are not blamed for a great mistake or the actions of others.

SIGEL (sun)symbolizes the life force, or the forces of life inherent in all things.
It is analogized as the sun at the center of the universe,
around which all things revolve.Sigel is usually a positive rune and augurs well particularly in health matters.
Sigel is traditionally associated with vigor and vitality.
It may imply that you have been overstretched lately and are in need of rest or relaxation.

TIR( The creator) The God Tir is the traditional creator who was replaced by Odin ..
Tir, was not the benign creator,but a warrior god.
When Tir shows it foretells that the questioner is about to embark on a great undertaking, which will require reserves of energy
moral, physical, or both.
Tir is the rune of battles, and foretells blooded battles,perhaps only of a board room, but voctory must be assured,

TIR REVERSED Implies that the querent is in a weakened frame of mind and must gather or muster energy or victory will escape them.

BEORC (the Birch) is the symbol of fertility , symbolizing the mother, and so .. the child as well indicating a need for nourishment.
Thus it implies a victory of sorts, yet through nourishment and hard work.

BEORC REVERSED:The implication here is sterility, difficulties and misunderstandings, perhaps difficulties ahead on the home front.

EOH (horse) The meaning of this rune is for the most part neutral. indicating travel, and a possible change of horizons.
The change will probably not be a great shock, and in fact may have been in the works a great deal of time.
On the more psychic tone, eoh may tell of a need to establish strong connections between ones person and ones emotions

EOH REVERSED: Still tells of change or travel, but may tell of a journey which will come at an inopportune moment, or may be of necessity, rather than desire.

Mann (Man) Strives to teach us that we are alone, yet not alone in the universe. We may each be a separate entity, yet a part of the whole.
When man appears in the cast it tends to mean that the questioner has somehow lost their way in life or in the situation. That they need to seek advice, and bring a clarity back to the present situation.
Perhaps the only counsel you need seek is from within, not from others.It is so easily done to become self absorbed, and forget duty to ones family and friends, as well as to the earth which mothers you
Man may show too that it is time to place others aside and tread a more solitary path.

MANN REVERSEDShows that you are surrounded by others who do not have your bestinterests at heart. There is someone, or something standing in the path of your desires

LAGU (water) implies the hidden side of our nature. Water is associated withthe moon, which controls the movements of the tides, so, it implies that when lagu shows, it is time for the querent to turn off the incessant chatter of the world and listen to the inner voice
Some people will smile at you listening to your Intuition, but,.this attitude may create further difficulties.
Lagu advises to flow with the tides rather than to fight against life. it signifies receptiveness

LAGU REVERSED Points to weakness and possible betrayal. The subconscious part of the mind is mixed up and will create real difficulties if it, or others are given too much credence, Think for yourself.. and think well

ING (fertility) A primal rune, symbolizing the female. The completion.. or , by its implication, the Petit morte. Ing shows that you have perhaps been undergoing some sort of difficulty, and it is nearly over. The changes on the norizon should herald happiness and a measure of fulfillment, yet it is important to recall, nothing comes for free

DAEG (daylight)Denotes the sun, rising, it is the rune of new beginnings.
It is more often your state of mind, than material things, although it may also denote increases, or changes in monetary matters. It may point to your acceptance, and the discontinuation of a fight agaisnt life.
Success can as often be achieved by letting go, as by fighting the forces of life and nature

OTHEL (Home) It represents possessions, land, buildings, homen usually the most important part of our lives, our home.
It is closely allied with Saturn, implying that with land, comes responsibility, as with any other possession.
Othel carries the message to Keep your house in order

OTHEL REVERSED It implies no help from home or family. That whatever trouble lies ahead you will have to face alone, for good or ill

WYRD (FATE) This rune has no marking. It may be considered to be the mystery of life and nature. the immutable hand of fate in our lives. It signifies secrets in our lives, and the fact that some things need simply be accepted, as they are unchangeable.